Crossfire won't start?

        We can help with ECU / immobilizer / key faults!

  • SKREEM modules are often on back order and have become much more expensive
    • We have solutions to get your car back on the road
  • Crank - fire - stall? You may have an immobilizer fault
    • Does disconnecting the battery temporarily allow the car to start?
    • Email us for a quote to test / repair your system
  • We have complete test vehicles to confirm ECU operation

ECU Programming

  • New and used ECM (engine computer) programming
    • VIN correction
    • immobilizer adaptation
  • odometer correction - new or used instrument cluster

Immobilizer System

  • SKREEM module replacement 
  • Key repair - broken case / broken metal blade
  • Duplicate programmed keys
    • Remote keys (fobs) are no longer available from the manufacturer
      • We have them in stock and can program them for your car
    • Aftermarket non-remote keys are a slightly cheaper alternative as a backup key
  • No-start diagnosis and reprogramming
    • DTC fault P2071 -08 repair
    • DTC Fault 1100 -0002 repair

Used / New ECU Programming:

Engine computers and other control units are locked once programmed and the dealer cannot program them to another car. We have solutions for most models, saving you hundreds over buying a new module.

Have you bought new parts and the dealer still cannot make the car run? We can help

Did you buy a lock kit 05101014AA (5101014AA) with SKREEM, Keys, and locks or a 05099541AA / A1708201826 (1708201826) SKREEM but dealer tools cannot make it work? Contact us.

Lock Repair:

Mercedes locks (as used in the Crossfire), especially the ignition lock, are prone to wear and damage. We stock replacement parts and keys and can often repair the original lock. Does your key turn just a little and then not turn on? Is the key stuck in the lock?

Used parts available

We have a large inventory of good used ECU's for most makes.

FAQ's and tips

I have a Chrysler Crossfire no-crank, no start issue

The DRBIII is very limited on the data it will display on these.  If you have an Autel or other Mercedes capable tool, you can choose Mercedes SLK 320 (w170) and read the engine computer live data for DAS Authorization. Make sure it is "start enabled" = "YES". If yes, continue with wire testing. If no, let us know and we can test your parts and programming to ensure all are functioning correctly.

Wiring checks:
Check the RCM in the fuse box left of engine bay.

At key on:
    A1 = B+
    A2 = B+
    A5 = ground
    B1 = ground
    B2 = B+
    F1 = ground

At crank:
    A1 = B+
    A2 = ground
    A5 = ground
    B1 = B+
    B2 = B+
    F1 = B+

If A2 is always B+ with key on or at crank, check continuity A2 to the ECM C4-35

If A2 goes to ground at crank and F1 does not go to B+, then there is a problem in the RCM. It can often be repaired.

If A2 goes to ground at crank and F1 goes to B+ then the problem is after the relay module. Either wiring or starter motor.    

I cannot license my car because of a VIN mismatch. Why?
If you live in a metro area with environmental quality or DEQ inspections to license your vehicle, the VIN number in the engine computer must match your actual VIN. In some areas this may only apply to 2004 and newer vehicles. If you have failed to pass a VIN inspection, contact us.

Why did the dealer tell me I cannot install a used part?
Often this is true for the dealership and the equipment they are provided. The manufacturers want to sell new parts. So, they often "lock" an ECU once it is programmed to one vehicle. When the dealer tries to program it to another vehicle, their equipment will not allow it. Our specialty is "unlocking" these modules so they can be programmed again. Or, better yet, we can often program them in-house so they are ready to go when you install them. No trip to the dealer for programming will be necessary.

Factory tools, trained technicians


Chrysler Crossfire srt6 srt 6 2004 2005 2006 2007 0261208425 ME2.8 1708201726 SKREEM 05099541aa 5099541aa 1708201826 A1121535379 A1121535779 A1708201826 A1121538679 A1121535379 A1121533279 1121533279 1121535379 1121538679 1708201826 1121535779 1121535379 05101014AA 5101014AA 5099541AA 05099541AA 1708201826