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Please note: We would love to hear from you by phone, however, we require email correspondence before completing work on any shipments. This is our policy for several reasons; you will have your estimate or quote and instructions in writing so misunderstandings will be avoided, you will generally get a faster answer to your questions and replies by email and they are usually more detailed and can include links to instruction sheets, pictures, and other helpful info.

Important: do not send us a package without the shipping forms enclosed. We want to be sure your package is handled quickly and correctly upon arrival. 

Shipping turnaround times: We do not offer same-day service (return shipment the same day an item arrives). A one business day turnaround time would mean a package received on Monday would be ready to ship on Tuesday. A two business day turnaround time means a package arriving on Wednesday would be ready to ship on Monday (we are open 40 hours Mon-Thur: Thur-Mon = one business day). Please refer to your email quote for your estimated turnaround.

Need a quote? Try this form: QUOTE REQUEST (Please submit only one request per job. This includes direct email)

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SOS Diagnostics is a division of SOS Enterprises Inc. Oregon licensed contractor and locksmith. Oregon CCB#193055 Oregon Locksmith# 5055OCLS. Members of: ALOA , PLA , and Mobile Diagnostics Group.