Have you lost your keys? We can help. If you are local we can send a technician to you. If not, you can send us a control module and we will program it for you. All Sprinters are equipped with immobilizer keys that must be programmed before the van will start. We have the equipment to program these specialized keys. Contact us if you have a need.

Need more than 8 keys? If the dealer tells you no more keys are available, we can help. Replacing very expensive control units is never necessary just to get more keys. We have a solution to supply more keys without replacing the control unit.

Need a non-remote key? The dealer cannot supply a key without remote for a 2007 up Sprinter. If you would like a key without remote for an emergency key, a remote start system, hide-a-key, etc., We can supply these for you.

Replacing a control unit? You can send us your new or used ECM (engine computer) and other modules, and we will prepare them for installation and be ready to run. The dealership cannot do this.

Start-Error Repair - this common occurrence on Sprinters can have many causes. ECM / CDI (engine computer) failure, WSP / SKREEM (immobilizer module) failure, CAN module failure, transponder key failure, wiring and power faults, and software corruption are just a few. With just a couple modules we can diagnose the cause and repair and or replace faulty modules. Most of the time no new hardware is necessary, but if it is, we can offer new and used parts and programming to save you a trip to the dealership.

2006 and older Sprinter Services 901 902 903 904 905

  • ECM reprogramming
    • New and Used engine computers
    • Flash programming recovery / Tuning recovery
    • P1617 fault repair  / 1617-064
    • P0101 fault repair / P2623 (MAF)
    • T21 recall fix. Cluster problems. Battery drain. EGR stays on.
  • SKREEM/WSP immobilizer module programming
  • Duplicate key programming
    • Requires a fully functioning key for duplication
    • Duplicate non-remote transponder key
    • Duplicate remote key
  • Lost key replacement
    • Call or email
  • "Start Error" diagnosis and repair
  • Hide-a-key w/o transponder (doors only)
    • will not start vehicle

2007 and newer Sprinter Services 906

  • ECM reprogramming
    • New and Used engine computers
    • Flash programming recovery / Tuning recovery
  • EIS (electronic Ignition Switch) Programming - Used / New
    • Requires original EIS for security data
  • Odometer programming - Used / New
    • Requires used odometer and EIS shipment and documentation
  • Steering Column Lock module repair / programming 
    • Requires EIS and a working key shipped to us
  • Duplicate key without remote 
    • Requires van present or EIS and existing key shipped to us
  • Duplicate key with remote
    • Requires van present or EIS and existing key shipped to us
  • Lost key replacement
    • email for details
  • Hide-a-key w/o transponder (doors only) 

New / Used parts available

We have a large inventory of good used ECU's for most makes.

FAQ's and tips

I cannot license my car because of a VIN mismatch. Why?
If you live in a metro area with environmental quality or DEQ inspections to license your vehicle, the VIN number in the engine computer must match your actual VIN. In some areas this may only apply to 2004 and newer vehicles. If you have failed to pass a VIN inspection, contact us.

Why did the dealer tell me I cannot install a used part?
Often this is true for the dealership and the equipment they are provided. The manufacturers want to sell new parts. So, they often "lock" an ECU once it is programmed to one vehicle. When the dealer tries to program it to another vehicle, their equipment will not allow it. Our specialty is "unlocking" these modules so they can be programmed again. Or, better yet, we can often program them in-house so they are ready to go when you install them. No trip to the dealer for programming will be necessary.

Tips - T1N / 901 up to 2006

  • Fuse #7 under the steering column powers the SKREEM module and the horn. If you have a "start error" and the horn is not working check this fuse.
  • Sometimes a dead or low battery will cause a "start error". If you have a low battery, disconnect the negative battery cable, charge your battery, and then reconnect and try starting again. Leave the battery disconnected for a length of time before reconnecting.
  • If your van will not start and the engine cooling fan starts running as soon as you turn on the key, this usually indicated a faulty engine computer. If you try to scan the engine computer you will find it will not communicate. Replacement will be necessary.

Factory tools, trained technicians


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