Volvo Key and ECU Programming

Lost Key Programming:

Starting with the 1999 models, US market Volvo started using an engine immobilizer system. If you lose all of your programmed keys you will not be able to start the car. You can tow it to the dealership and wait for them to order a key and program it or call us. You can send us the immobilizer module and we will prepare a key for you. No programming tools necessary, plug-and-play to get you back on the road.

Instrument Cluster (DIM):

1998-2005 DIM modules have many common faults. These can be repaired or exchanged with one of our rebuilt units instead of replacing and programming at the dealership. This is a plug-and-play service, no further programming will be necessary.

Faults: CAN communication errors, SRS light faults (DIM0003 / 00D4 / C0003, etc), turn signal faults, inoperative lights, bad LCD,  and more.

  • VO.1030.8602473.00.24 - 8637995
  • VO.1030.8251327.00.24 - 8637995 - 8602736 - 9499943
  • VO.1030.8690820.00.24 - 8690820
  • VO.1030.8602473.00.25.V - 8602473
  • VO.1030.8602473.10.20 - 8251281 - 8602761 - 8602882
  • VO.1030.8602763.00.24 - 8673621 - 8602763
  • VO.1030.8602736.10.20 - 8673621 - 8602763
  • 9499670 - 9496878

ECU Programming, New and Used:

You can send us your used ECM (engine computer) and we will prepare it for installation in your Volvo. The dealership cannot do this, and the cost of a new ECM retails for around $1200. Call for details.

See the "Contact US" page for shipping and payment details.

        Used ECM reprogramming

      • 80 series -
      • 70 series - 1999-2004
      • 60 series -
      • 40 series - 1999-2004
      • 40 series - 2005+
      • 850

Lost key programming

Many other modules programmed

  • CEM
  • Radios
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Immobilizers
  • Etc

Used parts available

We have a large inventory of good used ECU's for most makes. Check our inventory here.

Common Faults

  • 1998-2008 Instrument cluster faults repaired
    • SRS light fault 00D4 / C0003
    • various CAN communication faults caused by the DIM (cluster)

FAQ's and tips

I cannot license my car because of a VIN mismatch. Why?
If you live in a metro area with environmental quality inspections (CARB, DEQ, etc) to license your vehicle, the VIN number in the engine computer must match your actual VIN. In some areas this may only apply to 2004 and newer vehicles. If you have failed to pass a VIN inspection, contact us.

Why did the dealer tell me I cannot install a used part?
Often this is true for the dealership and the equipment they are provided. The manufacturers want to sell new parts. So, they often "lock" an ECU once it is programmed to one vehicle. When the dealer tries to program it to another vehicle, their equipment will not allow it. Our specialty is "unlocking" these modules so they can be programmed again. Or, better yet, we can often program them in-house so they are ready to go when you install them. No trip to the dealer for programming will be necessary.

Factory tools, trained technicians

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