YAMAHA Motorcycle & Scooter Services

  • Lost Key Replacement and Programming *
  • Duplicate Keys Programmed and Cut
  • Used ECU programming / Virgin ECU's
  • Used Cluster Mileage Correction *
  • Immobilizer System Diagnosis

Also programming keys for: Vespa, Aprilia, CanAm, Bombardier, Ducati and more.

* requires written authorization and possibly, proof of ownership

Many late model Yamaha bikes are equipped with an engine immobilizer system that uses a transponder chip built into the head of the key. If you lose your master (red) key you will not be able to add more (black) keys to the system. If you lose all of your keys, the dealer will replace modules at great expense to you. Please, call us first. We can save you the hassle and save you money.

Used parts: We can also prepare a used part from another bike to work for you in the case of damage or electronic failure.

  • Used ECU programming: (immobilizer programming)
  • Used Cluster programming
  • Red key replacement
  • All keys lost (only black key provided)
  • All keys lost (red and black)
  • Keys duplicated without red key

NOTE: these services may require that you remove parts from your bike and ship them to us for reprogramming.

4C8-8591A-31 112100-5681 4966A-5SL00

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